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The Tempest における「対立」とは : 和解を取り巻く劇的構造


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  • The Dramatic Effects of the Conflicts in The Tempest : How They are Related to the Scene of Reconciliation
  • The Tempest ニオケル タイリツ トワ : ワカイ オ トリマク ゲキテキ コウゾウ

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This paper focuses on the dramatic effects of the political conflicts in The Tempest and how they are related to the reconciliation in the last part of the play. This play exhibits the audience several conflicts, not only on the stage, but also through the words and phrases of the characters. The audience realizes that there are some political conflicts backstage and that these conflicts surround the scene of reconciliation rather than lead to it. This paper clarifies that the reconciliation in this play possesses both alleviating and aggravating factors that cause another political conflict. The repetition of this cycle produces a disturbing atmosphere and has an effect of raising questions about the prospects of their own country among the English audience at that time. This also means that the dramatic effects of the conflicts in this play should be interpreted from a historical point of view.



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