All-nanocellulose nonvolatile resistive memory

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Celano, U., Nagashima, K., Koga, H. et al. All-nanocellulose nonvolatile resistive memory. NPG Asia Mater 8, e310 (2016).

Single-use disposable nonvolatile memory devices hold promise for novel applications in internet of everything (IoE) technology by storing the health status of individual humans in daily life. However, conventional memory devices are not disposable because they are mostly composed of non-renewable, non-biodegradable and sometimes toxic materials, causing serious damage to ecological systems when they are released to the environment. Here, we demonstrate an environment-friendly, disposable nonvolatile memory device composed of 99.3 vol.% nanocellulose. Our memory device consists of a nanocellulose-based resistive-switching layer and a nanopaper substrate. The device exhibited nonvolatile resistive switching with the capability of multilevel storage and potential scalability down to the single nanofiber level (ca. 15 nm). The biodegradability of our memory device was confirmed by burying it in natural soil for 26 days.



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