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中学生の対処行動に関する研究 --悩みや困ったことのある場合


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  • チュウガクセイ ノ タイショ コウドウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ナヤミ ヤ コマッタ コト ノ アル バアイ
  • Research on the Coping Skills of Junior High School Students. -In the Face of Difficulties or Troubles-

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The purposes of this study are to investigate the coping skills of junior high school students and to find a support system for those who have latent problems. We conducted the study twice by utilizing questionnaire forms. Subjects of the study were secondgradestudents of a junior high school, attached to a national university in the metropolis of Tokyo. The questionnaire included items that explored the students' health, their self-perception, coping skills in the face of psychologically disturbing social situations, and SCI related matters.Results: the first and the most popular coping skill among subjects is found to be that of seeking social support (30.1%), the second is that of escape through listening to music, and the third is that of escape through sleeping. Female students exhibit most conspicuously the type of coping expressed by seeking social support, more so than boys. Many students with good health are found to exhibit coping skills in the form of seeking social support and few of them are found to be the "self-control type". Students of the"self-control type" showed a tendency to have latent problems. The results of this study suggest the urgent necessity of reaching the latter group.


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