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Free keyword patent information retrieval system and PATOLIS(<Series>Footsteps of information retrieval service pioneers (4))

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  • 特許情報広域検索システムとPATOLIS(<連載>オンライン情報検索:先人の足跡をたどる(4))
  • オンライン情報検索--先人の足跡をたどる(4)特許情報広域検索システムとPATOLIS
  • オンライン ジョウホウ ケンサク センジン ノ ソクセキ オ タドル 4 トッキョ ジョウホウ コウイキ ケンサク システム ト PATOLIS

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The research of patent information retrieval system in Japan was started in 1960's by the Patent Office's examination mechanization laboratory. In 1971, Japan Patent Information Center (Japatic) was established, and the free keyword patent search system was developed for public services. By mounting this system into the online system, PATOLIS was born in 1978 and rapidly spread. The PATOLIS was succeeded by Japan Patent Information Organization (Japio) in 1985 and monopolized online patent information services. However, the PATOLIS monopoly is in decline owing to participation of private enterprises to online service business caused by the publication of CD-ROM of patent applications in 1993 and the advent of free service of the Patent Office's Industrial Property Digital Library (IPDL) in 1999.


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