New master plan "Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint" decision under the population decrease and adoption of new zoning in the city of Flint, MI

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  • アメリカ・ミシガン州フリント市における人口減少下での総合計画“Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint”の策定と新たなゾーニングの導入
  • アメリカ ・ ミシガンシュウ フリントシ ニ オケル ジンコウ ゲンショウ カ デ ノ ソウゴウ ケイカク"Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint"ノ サクテイ ト アラタ ナ ゾーニング ノ ドウニュウ

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This research investigates the master plan which the city where population decreases formulated. The target for investigation is the city of Flint, Michigan. In such a city, this master plan showed the state of the city for 20 years after this. Particularly, it observed a land use plan and zoning. The result is in the following. 1) It talked with many residents in master plan decision, and also advanced simultaneously amendment of a zoning code, and formulation of the capital improvement plan.2) Although population was decreasing significantly, it did not make it a shrinkage plan.3) It introduced the new zoning which regulates a residence called Green Innovation and Green Neighborhood. 4) Before approving a master plan in council, you have to report a plan proposal to a neighboring municipality in State of Michigan. By this system, adjustment in a wide area is possible.



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