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Slip-Out Characteristics of Aramid and PP Fibers and Calculation of Bridging Law

  • Hashimoto Hiroko
  • Mu Yu
  • Yamada Hiroshi
  • Kanakubo Toshiyuki

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  • FRCCにおけるアラミドおよびPP単繊維の抜出し挙動と架橋則の構築

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<p>The purpose of this study is to calculate the bridging law based on the slip-out characteristics of aramid single fiber and polypropylene (PP) single fiber and to investigate its adaptability to tensile performance evaluation of fiber-reinforced cementitious composites (FRCC). The pullout load-slippage relationship, which is the most basic characteristic of bridging performance, was obtained by the pullout test of a single fiber embedded in a matrix. The bond behavior, snubbing effect and tensile strength degradation were confirmed by the experiment results. The pullout load-slippage relationship was modeled based on the experimental results. The bridging law was calculated by using the model. The calculated results were found to express well the results of the uniaxial tension test that was conducted for comparison purposes.</p>


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