Cerebral Concussion in Sports : Why Prevention is Imperative(3. Brain Concussion and the Athletes's Return,<SPECIAL ISSUE>Making Decisions in Difficult Clinical Situations)

  • Kawamata Tatsuro
    Department of Neurological Surgery, Nihon University School of Medicine
  • Katayama Yoichi
    Department of Neurological Surgery, Nihon University School of Medicine

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  • スポーツと脳振盪 : 脳振盪はなぜ予防しなくてはいけないのか(3.脳振盪とスポーツ選手の復帰,<特集>臨床において対応に苦慮する事例)

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Cerebral concussion has come to the front of sports medicine research for the past decade, and the significance of concussion prevention is now emphasized. Why should concussion, which represents relatively mild head injury, be prevented? Sport-related concussion is characterized by its recurrent nature, leading to posttraumatic encephalopathy and/or concussion syndrome. Premature return to competition may induce second impact syndrome and/or acute subdural hematoma. It has been reported that a sports environment with high incidence of cerebral concussion has high a mortality rate with acute subdural hematoma, thus a campaign against cerebral concussion leads to a reduction in mortality in contact sports such as American football, rugby football, and Judo. The authors review the current concept for the managements of cerebral concussion in sports.


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