14. Roles of CURLY LEAF (CLF) and SWINGER (SWN) in the repression of embryonic trait in Arabidopsis thaliana


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  • 14.シロイヌナズナにおける、clf swn二重変異体の胚様組織形成の解析(口頭発表)

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In Arabidopsis thaliana, CURLY LEAF (CLF) and SWINGER (SWN) are factors of the Polycomb complex (Pc) that plays key roles in chromatin-remodeling by modulating histone methylation. Although it is suggested that PC regulate repression of embryonic trait from the fact that clfswn forms somatic embryos after germination, the molecular mechanisms are still unclear. We found that the formation of somatic embryos in shoot apical meristem (SAM) of the clfswn was suppressed by culitvation at low temperature (10℃). The LEAFY COTYLEDON1 (LEC1) that is an embryo specific gene was mis-expressed in a whole part of the clfswn at 21℃. By contrast, the LEC1 expression in SAM of the clfswn was reduced at 10℃. The formation of somatic embryos at 10℃ was dose-dependently restored by 2,4-D. To identify developmental stage for repressing embryonic trait, the clfswn was transferred from 21℃ to 10℃ at various days after sowing. When the clfswn was transferred to 10℃ at 12 days after sowing, ratio of somatic embryo formation was reached about 50%. The cotyledon of elf swn was not expanded at 12 days after sowing, yet. These results suggest that auxin is involved in somatic embryo formation in clfswn and the mis-expression of the embryo specific genes may occur before cotyledon expansion.



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