Study on RDF conversion in Open Data

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  • 「オープンデータにおけるRDF変換の研究」
  • オープンデータ ニ オケル RDF ヘンカン ノ ケンキュウ

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<p> In recent years, utilization of big data and open data has been promoted, and many organizations including the national government, local government and other organizations are working on opening and utilizing open data. These disclosed data formats are still many files in Word, Excel and CSV format. The data utilization that "It is machine-readable and second-hand use of data is possible without spending a lot of manpower" clearly stated in the 2012 e-administration open data strategy formulated in 2012 is not yet reached. If many disclosed data can be easily converted to RDF format<tt>,</tt>mechanical linkage of multiple open data becomes possible and it becomes possible to promote utilization of open data. In this research, we focused on the vocabulary that corresponds to the predicate of the RDF form, and experimented about the approximation of the vocabulary by utilizing the neural network called Wrod2Vec in order to share the vocabulary. We also propose a method to convert common Open Data to RDF format file by using vocabulary based on common vocabulary recommended by IPA to share common vocabulary.</p>



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