Expression analysis of precursor genes for PSK in rice and Arabidopsis plants


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  • 9 イネおよび、シロイヌナズナの植物個体におけるPSK前駆体遺伝子の発現解析


Phytosulfokine (PSK) is the first peptidyl plant growth factor isolated from asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L) and also found from cell culture media in many plant species. The function of PSK is thought to involve in cell division according to the studies using cell culture system, but the localization and the function of PSK in whole plants are still unknown. The studies on physiological effects of PSK for whole plants revealed that PSK promotes root growth in rice and Arabidopsis. Recently, it was clarified the existence of some kinds of genes encoding precursors for PSK in Arabidopsis. In order to clarify the function of PSK in whole plants, we tried to isolate and characterize all kinds of the genes that encode precursors for PSK.ESTs having the amino acid sequence of PSK (YIYTQ) were searched from Databases. Five and four genes were found in rice and Arabidopsis, respectively. Northern blot analysis revealed that each gene showed different expression profiles mutually. These results might indicate that the functions of these genes were diverse in spatio-temporally. Furthermore, there were no organs and tissues where any genes encoding precursors for PSK were not expressed. From these results, PSK is thought to have functions as well as cell division in whole plants. Since all of the PSK precursor genes except AtPSK1 were expressed in floral organs, PSK might play some important roles in seed formation and/or development of embryo.



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