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Adhesive tensile strengths of scarf and butt joints of steel plates (2nd report, Relation between mechanical properties of adhesives and fracture criteria of joints)

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  • 鋼のスカーフおよびバット継手の引張接着強度 II  接着剤の力学的性質と継手の破壊条件との関係
  • コウ ノ スカーフ オヨビ バット ツギテ ノ ヒッパリ セッチャク キョウド

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For the investigation of fracture criteria, adhesive tensile strengths of scarf and butt joints bonded by a brittle and two ductile epoxy adhesives have been measured and three-dimensional finite element analyses have been performed. Deformation of the joints influenced considerable by mechanical properties of adhesives. Fracture of the joints bonded by the brittle adhesive obeyed maximum principal stress criterion. In the scarf angles of 15° to 60°, fracture of the joints bonded by the ductile adhesives obeyed von Mises criterion and in the scarf angles more than 60°, brittle (cleavage) fracture occured for those joints by plastic constraint due to increase of stress triaxiallity in adhesive layers. Locations of fracture initiation and fracture modes of adhesive layers observed with an optical microscope and a a scanning electron microscope agreed with those expected from experimental results of deformation and adhesive tensile strength, and results of stress analyses.


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