Elasto/Visco-Plastic Deformation of Multi-Layered Shells of Revolution under Thermal Loading due to Fluid.

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  • 流体加熱を受ける多層回転対称殻の熱弾/粘塑性変形
  • リュウタイ カネツ オ ウケル タソウ カイテン タイショウ カク ノ ネツ

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This paper is concerned with an analytical formulation and a numerical solution of the elasto/visco-plastic deformation of the multi-layered shells of revolution subjected to thermal loads due to fluid. Firstly, the temperature distribution through the thickness in each layer is assumed to be linear, and the temperature field in the shell is determined using the equations of heat conduction and heat transfer. Secondly, the stresses and deformations are analyzed by the thermal stress equations. The equations of equilibrium and the relations between the strains and displacements are derived from the Sanders shell theory. For the constitutive relations, Perzyna's equations are employed. As a numerical example, a two-layered cylindrical shell composed of mild steel and titaniuim subjected to locally distributed thermal loads due to fluid is analyzed. Numerical computations have been carried out for three cases of the ratio of the thickness of the titanium layer to the shell thickness. It is found from the computations that the temperature and stress distribuitions and the deformation are significantly varied depending on the ratio.



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