High Aspect Ratio SiO<sub>2</sub> Pillar Structures Capable of the Integration of an Image Sensor for Application of Optical Modulator

  • Van Toan Nguyen
    Micro System Integration Center (µSIC), Tohoku University
  • Sangu Suguru
    Core Technology Research & Development Center, Ricoh Institute of Future Technology
  • Ono Takahito
    Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University


This paper presents an optical window capable of the integration of an image sensor for the application of optical modulators. The optical window consists of high aspect ratio SiO2 pillars that can modulate the transmission light intensity by moving a liquid in and out of the spaces between pillars. The high aspect ratio SiO2 pillar structures are fabricated by reactive ion etching (RIE). SiO2 pillars together with smooth surfaces, vertical shapes (base angle ∼ 89.5°) and high aspect ratio of 12 with a depth of 12 µm, diameter of 1 µm, and the pitch of two pillars of 2 µm have been achieved. An optical window with and without liquid penetration area integrated with an image sensor for an optical modulator has been successfully demonstrated. A high transmission modulation together with a large contrast have been observed of approximately 65% and 0.86 for cases with and without matching oil penetration, respectively.


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