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What makes people keep writing Web diaries? : Self-expression in cyberspace(<Special Issue>Social Psychology of Networking)

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  • 人はなぜウェブ日記を書き続けるのか : コンピュータ・ネットワークにおける自己表現(<特集>ネットワーキングの社会心理学)
  • 人はなぜウェブ日記を書き続けるのか:コンピュータ・ネットワークにおける自己表現
  • ヒト ワ ナゼ ウェブ ニッキ オ カキ ツズケルノカ コンピュータ ネットワーク ニ オケル ジコ ヒョウゲン

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Thies research was conducted to examine the psychological implications of the people who post their diaries on the internet (i.e., Webdiaries). Web diary authors, compared with normal diary authors, are thought to feel better function of self-disclosure and interpersonal communication. Out of 1,529 surveyed subjects 377 valid responses (24.7%) were received. As a result, our hypothesis, "the higher their self-consciousness are, or the more positive feedback they received, the higher they value their diaries, increasing level of gratification and intention to continue the Web diary" was basically verified. To write a web diary is a kind of opportunity to develop communication with others. In conclusion, writing a Web diary is an act of self-recognition through communication with others.


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