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A field study on inhabitants' response to a landslide disaster

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  • 自然災害時における住民の対応に関する実証的研究
  • シゼン サイガイジ ニ オケル ジュウミン ノ タイオウ ニ カンスル ジッシ

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The inhabitants' response before and after a landslide disaster was examined. The disaster was characterized by the following three distinctive features. First, in one of the damaged areas, the inhabitants were given, a week in advance, an instruction to evacuate because of an eventual landslide. However, no landslide occurred then. Second, in another damaged area, where no pre-instruction were given, there were 26 victims, while no person was victimized to death in the area mentioned above. Third, some inhabitants constituted a committee to cope with the disaster. We conducted a series of research using face-to-face interview and questionnaire method. 145 of the 241 inhabitants answered the questionnaire. The results showed three major points. First, the instruction for evacuation in the case of pre-landslide, was perceived positively by the inhabitants. Second, some interpersonal networks formed by the inhabitants had much positive effects on their coping with the disaster. Third, the inhabitants tended to believe that the landslide was due more to technical and organizational reasons after and before the disaster than to natural ones.



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