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A case study of friendship development among college students

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  • 大学生の友人関係の親密化過程に関する事例分析的研究
  • ダイガクセイ ノ ユウジン カンケイ ノ シンミツカ カテイ ニ カンスル ジ

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The purpose of this study was to investigate same-sex friendship development within a small group of three male and eight female freshmen by the case study method. The subjects completed a questionnaire four times over a three-month period. The questionnaire included the following scales: (1) the rating of each of the group members on a 21-point-scale measuring liking; (2) the rating of the frequency with which the subjects interacted with each member on a 6-point-scale. In addition, the questionnaire included open-ended questions, in which the subjects were asked to describe each member's noticeable behavioral events, personality, and so on. Major findings obtained were as follows. The group structure based on "liking" found at the early stage did not prevail. That is, the number of persons whom the subjects liked increased as the time passed. On the contrary, the group structure based on "interaction frequency" continued for three months. In effect, the persons whom the subjects liked best were different from those whom they were always together with. It suggested that they had "doubled friendships".


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