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How does the product involvement affect consumers' information seeking by word-of-mouth ?


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  • 商品に対する関与と商品購買時の情報探索におけるくちコミの利用との関係
  • ショウヒン ニ タイスル カンヨ ト ショウヒン コウバイジ ノ ジョウホウ

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When consumers buy certain products, they sometimes seek information about the product class and sometimes not. Many literatures have shown that consumers make less effort to acquire information when they are less involved with the product class. Then, if information seeking by word-of-mouth is easier and costs less than information seeking by mass media, those consumers who are less involved with the product class will depend upon word-of-mouth more than the more involved consumers. This study examined this hypothesis by giving questionaires to 214 female college or university students. The product class chosen here was cosmetics. The results showed that information seeking by word-of-mouth is an easier way to aquire information, and that if consumers are less involved with the product class, they depend more upon word-of-mouth for getting information about the product clans.


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