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The economic adaptation of migrants and the cooperative behavior by generalized exchange : The rotating credit association of Japanese migrants in Buenos Aires


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  • 移民の経済的適応戦略と一般交換による協力行動 : ブエノスアイレスにおける日系人の経済的講集団
  • イミン ノ ケイザイテキ テキオウ センリャク ト イッパン コウカン ニ ヨル キョウリョク コウドウ ブエノスアイレス ニ オケル ニッケイジン ノ ケイザイテキ コウシュウダン

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Minorities are typically deprived of social resources. To survive in such a harsh environment, they often organize mutual aid associations. As an example of one such association, the rotating credit association of migrants was investigated for three purposes: the first, is to examine the function of a rotating credit association upon the economic adaptation. The second is to examine the components of a rotating credit association which induce cooperative behavior through generalized exchange. The third is to reveal the qualifications for membership into a rotating credit association. For these purposes, 30 Japanese migrants were interviewed. The conclusions were as follows: the effectiveness to advance the economic adaptation was contingent on economic circumstances. The institutions make it possible for members to cooperate with others for their own self-interest. Altruistic motives are not necessarily required. The qualification for affiliation with the association was determined not by ethnicity but by personal relationships.


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