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Design of MRACS containing Adaptive Law using Fractional Calculus and Its Lyapnov Stability

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  • 分数階微積分を用いた適応調整則を有するモデル規範型適応制御系の設計とそのリアプノフ安定性
  • フン スウカイ ビセキブン オ モチイタ テキオウ チョウセイソク オ ユウスル モデル キハンガタ テキオウ セイギョケイ ノ セッケイ ト ソノ リアプノフ アンテイセイ

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Model reference adaptive control systems (MRACS) is the one of the useful systems to control the plant containing unknown variable parameters. However, to design MRACS, it has been needed to satisfy model matching condition. In this paper, to improve the response in the case unsatisfying model matching condition, we design an adaptive law containing fractional order integrator in adaptive law, and prove the system's Lyapnov stability.



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