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Effect of Gypsum Application on the Root Characteristics and Yield Components of Field Grown Soybean cv. Enrei

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  • 石膏の施用がダイズの根系生育および収量構成要素に及ぼす影響
  • セッコウ ノ シヨウ ガ ダイズ ノ コンケイ セイイク オヨビ シュウリョウ コウセイ ヨウソ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ

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Effect of gypsum (calcium sulfate) application on the root growth, yield and yield components of field grown soybean cv. Enrei was discussed. Three fields with different gypsum application were used in this experiment. There was no significant difference in the grain yield among the fields. The sum dry weight of fiber roots and branch roots per 1-m ridge in a consecutive three-year gypsum application plot was significantly larger than those of other plots.


  • The Hokuriku Crop Science

    The Hokuriku Crop Science 38 (0), 61-63, 2003

    Society for Crop Science and Plant Breeding of Hokuriku


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