Study on Flight Formation Planning to Avoid Obstacles for Multi-Helicopter Cabled to Ground Station

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  • 地上局とケーブルでつながれた複数のヘリコプタによる障害物回避飛行計画に関する研究
  • チジョウキョク ト ケーブル デ ツナガレタ フクスウ ノ ヘリコプタ ニ ヨル ショウガイブツ カイヒ ヒコウ ケイカク ニ カンスル ケンキュウ

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A planning method for helicopters cabled to a ground station is proposed avoiding contact between the cables and obstacles. Position of relay helicopter and length of cables are optimized in regard to total thrust required for the helicopters considering constraints with the penalty method. Example analyses of flying range with double and single helicopter systems are performed with the proposed method. Double-helicopter system has advantage compared to single-helicopter system in areas with low-ceiling and large depth or areas above convex obstacles. Experiments illustrate validity of the analyses.



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