ON THE ARCHITECTURAL ACTIVITIES OF REGIONAL ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS IN THE TAISHO AND SHOW A ERAS (1910s TO 1940s) : A case study on the architectural activities of Noda Shinsaku in Mie Prefecture

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  • 大正・昭和戦前期における地方建築技術者の建築活動 : 三重県における野田新作の建築活動
  • タイショウ ショウワ センゼンキ ニ オケル チホウ ケンチク ギジュツシャ

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The main subjects described in this article are as follows: 1. Academic background of Noda Shinsaku 2. Architectural activities of Noda Shinsaku as a middle-management architect-engineer, working for public offices and a private organization 3. Architectural undertakings of Noda Shinsaku as an independent architect-engineer 4. Architectural works by Noda Shinsaku 5. Characteristic of Noda Shinsaku as an architect-engineer



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