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A STUDY ON THE CHILDREN'S PLAY IN SNOWY DISTRICT : A survey and analysis of the children's activity in Niigata City

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  • 積雪地域における子供の遊びについて : 新潟市での調査と解析
  • セキセツ チイキ ニ オケル コドモ ノ アソビ ニ ツイテ ニイガタシ デ

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This paper reports the actual condition of children's activity at the snowy districts Niigata City. These activities seems to be influenced by the enviroment, specially fallen snow. In this study, the seasonal change of these activities, the number of children playing in one group, the playgrounds and the play-time are analyzed. The results of this paper may be summarized as follows ; 1. The number of children playing outdoors decrease at snowy period to half, but it indicates that some number of children stay and play in the open at snowy period. 2. The children's activity is divided into 4 types, the dispersive-activity type is distinctive in female. 3. Two types out of four, which are effected by snow fall, have law activity in winter but the others do not.


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