Clinical Evaluations of Squalane in Patients with Xerotic Dermatoses and the Results of Patch Test of Squalane and its Moisturizing Effects.


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  • 乾燥性皮膚疾患に対するスクワランの有用性,皮膚刺激性および保湿性についての検討

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We have evaluated the therapeutic effect ofsqualane on xerotic dermatoses. The improvement of dryness with squalane treatment was observedon patients with xerosis, hand eczema and atopicdermatitis. Results of patch test of squalane onpatients with contact dermatitis were all negative. Hydration state of skin surface evaluated by conductance measurements to 3.5 MHz high frequencycurrent showed upper values in the squalanetreated skin. It was considered that squalane wasa useful cosmetic which provides emollient effecton xerotic dermatoses.


  • Skin research

    Skin research 33 (2), 155-163, 1991

    Meeting of Osaka Dermatological Association


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