STUDY OF CHANGES IN SEBACEOUS SECRTION Report No.1 Sebaceous Secretion in Fundamental Works

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  • 皮脂分泌の動態に関する研究 (その1)
  • 皮脂分泌の動態に関する研究-1-
  • ヒシ ブンピ ノ ドウタイ ニカンスルケンキュウ 1

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Relative metabolic rate (R.M.R.) is determined by quantity of O2 consumption in a unit time length under certain working condition.<BR>Then RMRs volues of isometric exercises and mental works have been reportedly obtained to be quite small.<BR>Nevertheless, the weight decrease and conscious fatigue result in after exercises.<BR>Whether the energy consumption should be calculated based on O2 consumption alone, or not, may be of matter of discussion.<BR>For this reason, changes in sebaceous secretion upon various low RMR works should be examined.<BR>In this report the fundamental experiments within the series are included, as follows.<BR>1) The lipids of sebum over the skin surface were found to be mostly Triglyceride and Free Fatty Acid. The individual differences were quite remarkable.<BR>2) When the temperature of the skin was high, and when active exercises took place much, amount of sebaceous secretion was observed to be high. The sebaceous secretion seemed to provide some counter measure obesity.<BR>3) On the occation of isometric exercises, the sebaceous secretion increased nearly twice in the quantity as usual. The sebaceous secretion during mental works also significantly increased.


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