Evidence for the Efficacy of Fluid Intake for Constipation as Nursing Care―Integrated Literature Review―

  • Kira Izumi
    Oita University, Faculty of Medicine School of Nursing, Fundamental Nursing Science

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  • 便秘ケアとしての水分摂取のエビデンスに関する統合的文献レビュー
  • ベンピ ケア ト シテ ノ スイブン セッシュ ノ エビデンス ニ カンスル トウゴウテキ ブンケン レビュー

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Purpose : The aim of this study was to review the relationship between defecation and fluid intake, and the effects of fluid intake on constipation.<br/> Method : Relevant literature from PubMed, CINAHL, Japan Medical Abstracts Society (Ichushi) web version, was searched using the key words : constipation, fluid intake, water intake. Meeting criteria were 7 (surveys) and 7 (interventional studies), which were reviewed and analyzed using Cooper’s method.<br/> Results : Stool weight diminished when fluid intake was less than 500mL per day ; studies suggested that fluid intake of less than 500mL per day lead to constipation. However, if subjects took 500mL or more daily and were constipation, it was unknown how much fluid intake was required for constipation reduction. In addition, there was no evidence that increasing fluid in take could treat constipation could unless there was evidence of dehydration.<br/> Conclusion : There was no evidence that increasing fluid intake could treat constipation unless there was existing evidence of dehydration.



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