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New Empowerment Models on Practical Strategies for Wellbeing


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  • エンパワメント科学:だれもが主人公 新しい共生のかたち
  • 特別講演 エンパワメント科学 : だれもが主人公新しい共生のかたち
  • トクベツ コウエン エンパワメント カガク : ダレ モ ガ シュジンコウ アタラシイ キョウセイ ノ カ タチ

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<p> Empowerment is something that gives people hopes and dreams, brings them courage, and prompts them to be filled with the strength to live. It is a wonderful quality that should be present in everyone.</p><p> People are born with splendid abilities. And throughout their lives, they can continue to demonstrate magnificent strengths. It is empowerment that draws out that magnificent power—in the same way that spring water flows steadily out of a natural fountain, it is empowerment that allows the vital force and potential that lie hidden deep within us to flow.</p><p> In the practice of health social services, the magnificent potential that each individual initially has is awakened, prompted to manifest, and is leveraged through activities for the good of people’s lives and for the development of society. In groups of people such as in the context of a business enterprise, the potential vigor and capabilities of each employee can be drawn out skillfully and leveraged as energy to be linked to staff development and corporate growth. These are the things that empowerment—needed by organizations, groups, and people—are all about.</p><p> Empowerment is one method for realizing a society in which everyone is the hero of his or her life, where they can enjoy the differences between themselves and others and are able to embrace the joys of living alongside one another.</p>



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