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An Examination of the Causal Model for the Relationship among Critical thinking, Skills, Attitude and Preconception to Media(<Special Issue> Accomplishments and Issues in Information and Communication Technology Education)

  • GOTOH Yasushi
    School of health Sciences, Niigata University of Health and Welfare

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  • 学習者のメディアに対する理解や態度の因果モデルの検討(<特集>情報教育の成果と課題)
  • 学習者のメディアに対する理解や態度の因果モデルの検討
  • ガクシュウシャ ノ メディア ニ タイスル リカイ ヤ タイド ノ インガ モデル ノ ケントウ

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The present study tested the Causal Model for the relationship among critical thinking on web browsing, skills of media utilization, positive attitude and preconception to media. The following instruments were used: the critical viewing skills scale; the skills of media utilization scale; the positive attitude information gathering scale; the scale of preconception to media. Simultaneous Analysis of several groups was also used to clarify the differences of school levels. Data were analyzed with the structural equation modeling. The results were as follows (GFI=.94, AGFI=.91, RMSEA =.02): (1) Positive attitude predicted skills of media utilization and preconception on media positively. (2) Preconception on media predicted critical thinking on web browsing positively.


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