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Analysis of Contributing ICT Environment on Achievement in the UK(<Special Issue>Design and Assessment of ICT Usage in Schools to Improve Scholastic Abilities)

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  • 英国における学力向上のためのICT環境整備の分析(<特集>学力向上を目指したICT活用のデザイン・実践・効果)
  • 英国における学力向上のためのICT環境整備の分析
  • エイコク ニ オケル ガクリョク コウジョウ ノ タメノ ICT カンキョウ セイビ ノ ブンセキ

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In the UK, the contribution of ICT use to improvements in academic achievement is inspected, and research in the area is accumulating. We analysed the national policies and initiatives or preparing the ICT environment. As a result, the background of the spread of ICT use in the UK became clear. A Self-Review Framework is used by schools as an index to show the situation of good use of ICT. This Framework is a basis, not only for ICT infrastructure provision, but also for national policy for co-operation and development in requirements to reduce the burden of the teacher. In each school, a senior leadership team, led by the head teacher, pushes forward the integration of ICT in the school. In addition, we suggest the importance of a national organisation such as Becta in promoting ICT use.


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