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Analysis of the Communication among Teachers about the Use of ICT(Paper on Educational Practice Research)

  • NAKAO Noriko
    Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies:Uchidayoko Educational Resources Information Center
  • MIWA Makiko
    Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies:The Open University of Japan
  • AOKI Kumiko
    Grad. Univ. Advanced Studies:The Open University of Japan
  • HORITA Tatsuya
    Graduate School of Education, Tamagawa University

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  • ICT活用に関する教員間コミュニケーションの分析(教育実践研究論文)
  • 教育実践研究論文 ICT活用に関する教員間コミュニケーションの分析
  • キョウイク ジッセン ケンキュウ ロンブン ICT カツヨウ ニ カンスル キョウイン カン コミュニケーション ノ ブンセキ

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In this case study, the purpose is to clarify the characteristics of communication among teachers about the use of ICT through the analysis of cases of primary school where document cameras and computers are used on a daily basis. The results of interviews are depicted in a diagram called a communication flow regarding whom they ask and who is asked for information and advices. There was a tendency for those teachers with only a few years' teaching experience, and who were slow to begin document cameras and computer use, to ask for information from the teachers who had many years of teaching experience and had adopted the use of document cameras and computers early. In addition, the presence of two teachers whom an arrow concentrates was revealed. In the surveyed schools, almost every teacher is embedded in the school-wide communication network headed by these two teachers, and it became clear that this is a perfect environment for getting the information and advice about not only the use of ICT for course instruction but technical details of document cameras and computers.


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