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Research on application of low oxygen environment to therapeutic exercise : Trials in normal air pressure and low oxygen room

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  • 低酸素環境の運動療法への応用に関する研究 : 常圧・低酸素室の試作
  • テイサンソ カンキョウ ノ ウンドウ リョウホウ エ ノ オウヨウ ニ カンスル ケンキュウ ジョウアツ テイサンソシツ ノ シサク

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It is known that the low oxygen environment in addition to "Exercise" also influences the training effect as "Environmental burden" when the load is put on the body. At the same time, the influence that the development of low oxygen room and the low oxygen environment gave to the breath circulation function was examined. This examination is used to apply the low oxygen environment to the therapeutic exercise. The small low oxygen room of making this time for trial purposes is 1.9m in height, 1.3m in width, and the depth 1.6m, and the density of oxygen was able to have been adjusted to 20.9% to 14.5%. Also, it was the one that was able to correspond enough to the execution of the therapeutic exercise intended for the patient. Compare to the normal environment, low oxygen environment possibly gave the same degree of the stress to the breath circulatory system under the light-physical load. The possibility of the application to the therapeutic exercise to aim at the physical fitness maintenance and the improvement of the patient, who was not able to do an enough whole body movement i.e. the older person, the low lungs patient, and the nerve and muscle disease, under the normal environment was suggested.


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