How graphic elements of Web sites influence a user's affective response and intention to revisit them

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  • Webサイトのグラフィック要素がユーザーの情動的反応と再訪意向に与える影響
  • Web サイト ノ グラフィック ヨウソ ガ ユーザー ノ ジョウドウテキ ハンノウ ト サイホウ イコウ ニ アタエル エイキョウ

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We investigated whether graphic elements of Web sites elicit affective responses in users and their intention to revisit them. We constructed two Web sites with similar text descriptions, and link structures on each page, but different in their aesthetic look. “Graphic site” contained adequate graphic elements(illustrations, colored background and characters, etc.). Another site ( “text site” ) contained no such graphical elements. Two groups of college students evaluated one of the Web sites. There was no difference in the usability between the two sites, but “pleasantness” and “intention to revisit” were rated higher in the graphic site than in the text site.



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