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Measurement of Binder-Less cBN Tool Tip Temperature in End-Milling using Thermal Radiation Pyrometer Connected by Rotary Fiber Coupler

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  • ファイバ連結型熱放射温度計によるバインダレスcBNエンドミル加工温度の測定
  • ファイバ レンケツガタ ネツ ホウシャ オンドケイ ニ ヨル バインダレス cBN エンドミル カコウ オンド ノ ソクテイ

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The temperature on the rake face of a binder-less cBN tool tip in end-milling was measured using a fiber-optic two-color pyrometer. The radiation of the interface between the tool tip and the chip is transmitted through the binder-less cBN and accepted by the optical fiber located behind the tool tip. The radiation accepted is transmitted to a two-color detector, which consists of a InAs and InSb detector, through a rotary fiber coupler. The coupler makes it possible to transmit the radiation outside the milling machine. The fundamental transmission characteristics of the coupler was investigated theoretically and experimentally. This method was found to be very practical to measure the tool tip temperature in end-milling. The results obtained are as follows. The rake face temperature in the up-milling of 0.55% carbon steel ranged from 480 degrees centigrade to 560 degrees centigrade for the cutting speeds of 2.2 m/s to 4.4 m/s. The cutting temperature increases with the increase of cutting speed. The temperature in down-milling is higher a little than that in the up-milling.


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