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Precision Positioning for Optical Lenses in the Optical Axis by a Plastic Ring

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  • 樹脂リングによる光学レンズの光軸方向の高精度な位置決め
  • ジュシ リング ニ ヨル コウガク レンズ ノ コウジク ホウコウ ノ コウセイド ナ イチギメ

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Collimator lens makes rays of semiconductor laser accurately parallel in the laser scanner. The most frequently used method of joining lenses is to clamp the lens near its edge by a shoulder of the housing and spacer. In the conventional method, the temperature change cause the lenses to move from the appropriate position because the coefficients of thermal expansion of the lenses are greatly different from those of the metallic housing and spacers. Therefore, the beam spots on an image plane are deteriorated. So we have developed the new method of joining collimator lenses with the shrink fitter and the plastic ring. In this method, the optical axes of the lenses in the housing coincide with each other by the shrink fitter. In addition, the plastic ring keep the spacing of the lenses constant in the optical axis when the environmental temperature changes. Therefore, the new method realized the high performance laser scanner at any temperature change. In this paper, we examined the validity of the new method theoretically and experimentally


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