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Re-verification of Regional Disparities in Higher Education Enrollment Rate


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  • 高等教育進学率における地域間格差の再検証
  • コウトウ キョウイク シンガクリツ ニ オケル チイキ カン カクサ ノ サイケンショウ

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  This paper tried to clarify about how had the degree of regional disparities in higher education enrollment rate been changed. In the present,Are regional disparities of this rate bigger or smaller than past one?Has regional disparities of this rate been increased,reduced or unchanged? The purpose of this paper, as examining these tasks, is to evaluate the degree of regional disparities of this rate in the present.<br>  In previous study, there are two conflicting opinions about the trend of regional disparities of university enrollment rate after 1990. One opinion is that regional disparities have been increased. Another is that these have not been changed. Such differences of opinion are related to differences in indicator of inequality:standard deviation and coefficient of variation. However,both are lacking in adequacy as an indicator of the enrollment rate gap. Thus,this paper analyzes regional disparities in higher education enrollment rate using correlation ratio between the prefectures as an indicator has highly validity.<br>  The result of analysis is below. Firstly, for university enrollment rate, regional disparities are reduced until 1990 and after 1990 regional disparities has expanded,in all combinations of unit of analysis:gender and region. Secondly, for Higher education enrollment rate which plus the junior college to university similarly, in all units of analysis,it is possible to convince the trend of the expansion from the reduction that assumed 1990 a boundary.<br>  Moreover looking in detail correlation ratio between the prefectures in 2010,currently situation is becoming equal in university enrollment rate and is being comparable in higher education enrollment rate to the gap situation which before the start of “University Location Policy".<br>  Then,the current situation of disparity may have a need for policies intended to rectify regional disparities.



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