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The meaning of the expanding experience in sport:

    Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba

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  • スポーツにおける拡大経験の意味づけ
  • スポーツにおける拡大経験の意味づけ : 知覚-感覚論と自他の関係性をめぐって
  • スポーツ ニ オケル カクダイ ケイケン ノ イミズケ : チカク-カンカクロン ト ジタ ノ カンケイセイ オ メグッテ
  • ―知覚-感覚論と自他の関係性をめぐって―
  • A discussion of perception and feeling and the relationship between the self and the other

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<p>This essay attempts to identify the meaning of the expanding experience (EE) that emerges through the practice of sports activity. The author shows the meaning of EE as a reflective experience rather than a living experience and reconsiders the aspect of this experience from the perspectives of perception and feeling, examining its difference from dissolving experience (DE). In this essay, the characteristics of EE are described through the development of the relationship between the self and the other. When two judoka throw each other and be thrown as if they are one, or, when runners feel each other’s physical pain, the experiences are termed “dissolving experiences”, which are living and subjective experiences. There is a lack of objective feeling in this kind of experience. Also, it is considered that DE emerges through a widening of the origination of sensation: it is a factor of empathizing with the other, or understanding their feelings at the physical level. DE shifts toward EE through the perception of this experience as an object. When both the self and the opponent reflect DE, which is irrational and beyond both athletes’ control, then the experience has emerged as the representative object and has become EE for them. Both athletes come to recognize the representation or the personality of the other as peers who engage in sports activities together. We can find EE for both athletes in this situation. Thus, EE is an experience which athletes cannot share with spectators but only with other athletes.</p>


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