Western Cuisine Menu Design with Improved Antioxidative Activity

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  • 抗酸化能を高める洋食献立の食事設計法の提案
  • コウサンカノウ オ タカメル ヨウショク コンダテ ノ ショクジ セッケイホウ ノ テイアン

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A Western cuisine menu with higher antioxidative activity than the standard cuisine menu was designed by changing the food materials and preparation methods. The antioxidative activity was measured by the chemiluminescence method, estimated by the IC50 value for the peroxyl radical scavenging activity. The standard Western cuisine menu consisted of a staple component of bread made from rice flour, a main entrée of sautéed Japanese horse mackerel, a side dish of heated potato, consommé soup, crudités of mesclun greens of potherb mustard etc. with dressing and yogurt jelly for sweet. We then changed the standard menu to give one with higher antioxidative activity by using bread made from rice flour with walnuts, a main entrée of sautéed Japanese horse mackerel with tomato sauce, a side dish of steamed Kita-akari potato with raw parsley, consommé soup containing spices without the scum coming from sliced beef, crudités of mesclun greens of potherb mustard etc. with sesame oil dressing and yogurt jelly with blueberry sauce for sweet. We confirmed the significantly higher antioxidative activity with this menu than with the standard menu by measuring the IC50 value for each, enabling us to propose an ideal Western cuisine menu with high antioxidative activity.


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