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Current Situation and Issues in the Landscape Systems for viewing Mt. Tsukuba

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  • 筑波山の眺望景観に関する制度の現状と課題
  • ツクバヤマ ノ チョウボウ ケイカン ニ カンスル セイド ノ ゲンジョウ ト カダイ

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<p>The purpose of this research is to understand the placement of scenic views of Mt. Tsukuba, along with specific preservation policies, in the plans and systems of the local governments that lie within the visual range of Mt. Tsukuba, and therefore to consider issues related to the preservation of such scenic views. It has become clear that Mt. Tsukuba is mentioned in the landscape plans and city master plans of the municipalities of an extensive part of the Kanto region. These include Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, the city of Tokyo, and other areas. While the statements related to Mt. Tsukuba are of a diverse nature, many of them concern the placement of scenic views and also indicate specific viewpoints. However, in examining specific regulations, it becomes clear that neighboring regional governments have no district-wide policy, and individual regulations are not compliant with the larger plan - the District-wide Plan for the Formation of Scenic Views of Mt. Tsukuba. It is possible for the local governments currently designating Mt. Tsukuba as a scenic view to cooperate in establishing a district-wide program. Such a program would apply beyond a single vicinity and cross municipal areas.</p>


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