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Fundamental Study on the Conservation and Utilization of Local Resources with Organic Recycle System in AINOSIMA Isle

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  • 地域資源の保全と有機的活用による循環型地域システムの確立に関する基礎的研究
  • チイキ シゲン ノ ホゼン ト ユウキテキ カツヨウ ニ ヨル ジュンカンガタ チイキ システム ノ カクリツ ニ カンスル キソテキ ケンキュウ

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In order to propose a regional model plan for sustainable life system utilizing the local resources and the regenerative cycle, a case study was conducted in Ainosima Isle, in Fukuoka. The Land-use·vegetation maps in 1966, 1974and1998 were made up based on aerial photograph and field survey including interview investigation. In results on the analysis, it became apparent that the farmland was widest in 1966, and it was estimated to produce food for 1391 persons. On the other hand, after the time, majority of farmland was abandoned due to the labor shortage caused by under-population. Since they were forested by natural succession, the rich woodland in 1998 was estimated to produce the biomass energy for 1082 family. According to the estimation, the model life plan was consider for 625 persons (250 family) based on reasonable production of both food and biomass energy and their regenerative cycle, including to use solar and wind energy. Sustainable fishery and eco-tourism were expected to get the other income to keep the life level. However, it was considered to prepare some key-person or leader, with the administrative support.


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