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Positivism in Curriculum Studies

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  • カリキュラム研究における実証的性格について : 研究方法の問題に寄せて


Curriculum Studies is among the most important components of Educationol Research. But in modern Japan, it belongs to the least advanced fields in Educational Research. The Japanese Society for Curriculum Studies was founded in 1990 under these conditions in order to promote the research on curriculum studies, and it has marked a new epoch in the history of Educational Research. I propose that we should make much more of Positivism to promote more scientific Curriculum Studies. 1. I think that the ultimate object of Curriculum Studies is to develop a new curriculum adapted to the growth and development of the children, and to clarify the caracteristics of various terms and concepts concerning curriculum by analyzing the structure of the actual curriculums. 2. In Japan, the goverment strictly controls the formation of the school curriculum. Government policy for education has a great influence upon the formation of school curriculum. Therefore it is also very important in scientific Curriculum Studies to study government policy for education by objectifying it. 3. In Japan educational research lags far behind other countries in studies about secondary school. The curriculum for secondary school is composed of required subjects and electives, and each school has its own curriculum, being different from that of elememtary school in many cases. Therefore one of most important themes in the modern Curriculum Studies is to clarify the characteristics of the structure for secondary school curriculum. 4. I think it necessary for the promotion of positive Curriculum Studies to keep and open the documents on the process for making policy decisions about curriculum, including the documents of each school curriculum.



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