Detail Design of A Support System for School Web Developers : Acceptable Use Policies and its module implementation

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  • Web構築支援システムの詳細設計 : ガイドラインの現状とモジュール実装への課題
  • Web コウチク シエン システム ノ ショウサイ セッケイ ガイドライン ノ ゲンジョウ ト モジュール ジッソウ エ ノ カダイ

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The purpose of our study was to analyze the status-quo of Japanese schools' Acceptable Use Policies (AUP), often called the Guideline in Japan, for the Internet uses, so that AUP module of the support system for school Web developers can be designed in detail. It was identified that our AUP module should cover at least five aspects: (1) Web use purposes, (2) the Internet environment, (3) information moral, such as netiquette, copyright, personal information protection, security, and protection from harmful information, (4) management/administration, and, (5) Site establishment. Based on the EPSS framework, the AUP module should provide (1) References with various examples, (2) Advises according to uses' needs, (3) Training to better understand and create AUP for the user's school, (4) Tools for implementing AUP, (5) Glossary, (6) Help, and (7) Work history record. Future tasks to develop a valid and usable support system are discussed.



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