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124 Questionnaire survey on the vehicle horn

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  • 124 自動車警笛音に関する意識調査(音色・音質の評価・設計技術,騒音・振動評価・改善技術)


To discuss the state of a vehicle horn use, a questionnaire survey was carried out. The questionnaire sought driver's horn use, driver experience of being given a toot on the horn by another driver, and pedestrian experience of being given a toot on the horn by a car driver in addition to personal attributes and the living environment including the surrounding noise sources. The cross tabulation for the questionnaire results was conducted by the correlation analysis using Cramer's V. As a result, the following significant relationships were found: in the lane or the narrow load, the drivers frequently used a short horn to express their thanks for being given up their way by the other ones. A long horn was used in the wide road such as the main road, and astonished and annoyed the other drivers. Furthermore, many participants were discontented with the volume and sound quality of horn.



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