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S0830104 Characterization of Fuel Cell Cogeneration System Based on Experiment

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  • S0830104 実測に基づく燃料電池・コージェネレーションシステムの特性評価に関する研究


The objective of this paper is to identify the model parameter of PEM fuel cell cogeneration in order to contribute to the building performance simulation for design and operation. As cogeneration system has many operational alternative strategies, the simulation using the mathematical model of cogeneration needs to predict accurate prime mover's thermal and electrical output, and also needs to represent characteristics of both steady state and transient state, for the aim of evaluate accurate energy performance and CO2 emissions. We made a test environment for parameter identification of PEM fuel cell cogeneration, and examined operational characteristics on steady state and transient state. As a result, the model parameter of PEM fuel cell cogeneration was identified, and was also validated.



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