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Squeezing Flow Successively Generated in the Normal and Reverse Directions in Polymer Solutions. 2nd Report. Analysis of Transmitting Forces.

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  • 高分子溶液の往復スクイーズ流れに関する研究 第2報 伝達荷重についての解析
  • 高分子溶液の往復スクイーズ流れに関する研究 第1報 伝達荷重についての実験
  • コウブンシ ヨウエキ ノ オウフク スクイーズ ナガレ ニ カンスル ケンキュ

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A constitutive equation yielding the stress overshoot is used in the analysis of the squeezing flow successively generated in the normal and reverse directions. Transmitting forces generated in the flows between a spherical surface and a flat plate are calculated, and the following results are obtained. The contribution of normal stress in the transmitting force is negligible. The transmitting forces analytically obtained can qualitatively show the decrease of overshoot or no overshoot, which is experimentally observed in the subsequent squeezing flow. When the first squeezing is stopped in the midst of an overshoot process and the second reverse one is begun successively, the transmitting force generated in the second reverse squeezing increases more rapidly than the one generated after the overshoot is finished in the first squeezing.


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