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An Experimental Study on a Turbulent Flow in a Two-Dimensional Curved Channel. (Space-Time Correlation and Spectra of Velocity Fluctuations).

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  • 二次元曲がり流路内乱流に関する実験的研究(速度変動の空間・時間相関とスペクトル)
  • 2ジゲン マガリ リュウロナイ ランリュウ ニ カンスル ジッケンテキ ケンキ

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The space-time correlations and power spectra of velocity fluctuations are measured in two-dimensional turbulent flows through curved and straight channels. Noticeable differences are found between the experimental results of the two channels. While the effective power spectrum in the straight channel has only one maximum, that in the curved channel has two maxima on both sides of a wave number corresponding to the dissipation length. The spanwise correlation of radial velocity fluctuations in the curved channel takes a large negative maximum at a distance of about half the channel width. The streamwise integral length scales in the outer-wall side of the curved channel increase by about ten times those in the straight channel. These results indicate that intensive large-scale eddies which are unsteady but resemble Taylor-Gortler vortices exist in the curved channel.


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