The Image Compression and Reconstruction Method to Monitor AUV’s Vision Information

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  • 自律海中ロボットの視覚情報共有を目的にした画像圧縮と復元手法


<p>The autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are developed to contribute various science filed such as oceans biology, geology by deep-sea observation. The deep-sea observation by AUV provides various information such as lifestyle of deep-sea creature, volcano of deep-sea bottom, etc. by photographing image. Next mission using AUVs is required to sample targets such as creature, mud or stone in deep-sea floor. For success of this mission, AUV needs supports by researcher in support ship. However, underwater communication based on acoustic has less density compared to electronic. In this research, we proposed a method of image compression and reconstruction for acoustic communication. And we evaluated reconstruction image by Structural similarity.</p>



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