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A Study on the Classification of Violent TV Programs : an application of uses and gratification researches


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  • テレビ暴力番組の類型化に関する研究 : 利用と満足研究の応用


The purpose of this paper is to classify violent TV programs into some types by employing gratification types. To attain this purpose, two surveys were conducted. In the first survey, 73 junior high-school students and 58 high-school students were asked 1) to list up to three programs which they often watched and 2) to write an essay on how they felt after watching them. After analyzing these essays, 33 gratification items were derived from them, which were used in the second survey. In the second survey, 389 students were asked 1) to list up to three programs which they often saw and 2) to answer 33 questions on a 5 point scale. The result was factor-analyzed and the following seven gratification types were obtained. 1) diversion of the mind 2) identification with characters in the program 3) acquirment of knowledge 4) empathy 5) laughter 6) longing 7) emotional diversion By employing these gratification types, violent TV programs were classified as follows. 1) moving, violent programs 2) empathetic, violent programs 3) funny, violent programs Among these types of violent programs, a baneful influence was anticipated in the second and the third types of programs, that is, modeling of violent behavior was anticipated in both the second and the third programs, and a desensitization to violent behavior was predicted in the case of the third type of program.



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