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An Analysis of Japannese Childrn's Audiovisual Responses to an Intercultural Education Program : By Using The TV Program "Japannese form the Viewpoint of Foreigners" Produced By Myself


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  • 異文化教育番組に対する子供の視聴反応の分析 : 自作教育番組「外国人から見た日本人」を使って


I produced a TV educational program "Japanese form the Viewpoint of Foreigners" for junior high school students, to contribute to the development of research methods on international understanding education. The purpose of this program is to make Japanese children be aware of the meaning of their common and familiar customs and their differences from foreign ones, by describing the Japanese cultures and customs through the viewpoint of foreigners. The topic of this TV program is "Why do they burn trashes on the roaside?". After showing this program, I collected the questionaire responses from Japanese elementary school pupils ane junior high school students. Before showing this program, majority of students and pupils were affirmative to the action of burning trashes on the roadside. But, after showing the program, the ratio of their affirmative and negative responses was almost the same. This result shows us that this program had much effects on attitudes to the action of burning trashes on the roadside. I also examined the audiovisual responses of children to each scene by using analyser. Both of their emotional and cognitive responses were high and this showed us that I achieved a success in producing a TV educational program having children interested.



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