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An examination on the effect and the feasibility of practical use of the two-way interactive television via satellite for in-service teachears

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  • 双方向型衛星通信を利用した教員研修の効果及び実用可能性の検討
  • ソウホウコウガタ エイセイ ツウシン オ リヨウシタ キョウイン ケンシュウ

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It seems to be useful method for improving the efficiency of the teacher training to use the satellite communication. This study examined the effect of the teacher training of educational computing via satellite communication to prove this hypothesis. The group which used the satellite communication is an experiment one, and control one was trained directly. On the research for the members of both groups, we analyzed the differences in the effect of both groups, the characteristics, and the evaluation of the in-service education for teachears. The major three findings are as follows. First, "Computer utilization experience of teachears" influences the effect on a technological aspect of training, and in addition to this "experience", the length of the training participation" and "degree of burden for teachers to participate in the training" influence effect on the emotional aspect. On the other hand, "Difference of the training method (training directly or use satellite communication) does not prescribe the training effect. As a result, it can be said that the teacher training via satellite communication is as effective as the direct training. Second, the characteristic of training via satellite communication is a that the "teachear's level of the computer utilization in education" is apt to influence the effect on especially emotional aspect. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the level of the participants, and to make the appropriate curriculum for them. Finally, training via satellite communication highly evaluated by teachers who relatively have a lot of experiences in educational computing. Mainly, the convenience of receiving highly developed training in the vicinity was evaluated. Most of the pointed problems are about the procedures and the techniques of the trainig. It does not seem to be difficult to find the solution of these problems. It is concluded that teacher training via satellite communication can be put to practical use on condition that appropriate content and the procedure can be chosen.


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