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Validation of the EIKEN Can-do Statements as a Self-assessment Measure Using Rasch Measurement(JLTA Best Paper of the Year)

  • Sato Takanori
    Graduate School of Languages and Linguistics of Sophia University


The purpose of the present study was to examine the validity of 16 can-do items taken from the EIKEN can-do list (STEP, 2008). A total of 2,571 Japanese junior high school students were asked to assess their degree of confidence in the 16 can-do statements-four EIKEN Grade 5, Grade 4, Grade 3, and Grade Pre-2 items, respectively. The present study employed the Rasch model to investigate whether (a) the items are unidimensional, (b) their item difficulty is appropriate, (c) item difficulty correlates with the items' EIKEN grades, and (d) the students' confidence levels correlate with their proficiency levels. The results showed that the can-do items are highly reliable and unidimensional. However, the students tended to feel that the items were unchallenging, especially the speaking and listening items.


  • JLTA Journal Kiyo

    JLTA Journal Kiyo 13 (0), 1-20, 2010

    Japan Language Testing Association


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